Samuel, Angel of Revelation Redemption Respect! Magick Powers of Light!

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Introducing Samuel, the bearer of awe-inspiring Powers of Light! With him by your side, prepare to embark on a journey of revelation, redemption, and respect. This enlightened guardian shields you from the shadows of negativity, enveloping you in a protective cloak that wards off dark energies and evil in all its forms.

Under Samuel's watchful gaze, you are shielded from the ill effects of bad luck, jealousy, and pettiness, allowing you to navigate life's challenges with grace and confidence. As an enlightened and serene being, he brings tranquility to your spirit, illuminating the path to your true destiny.

With his guidance, you are led towards redemption, guided along the road to the respect you rightfully deserve. Samuel's potent white magick accelerates the healing of psychic and spiritual wounds, clearing the path for blessings to flow into your life without hindrance.

Housed within a 3/4" Rainbow Quartz Spirit Sphere, radiating with vibrant white energy, Samuel's spirit vessel exudes a powerful presence. Accompanied by a velvet charging pouch to keep his powers strong, and a welcoming ritual printed on fine parchment paper for your Book of Shadows, he stands ready to accompany you on your metaphysical journey.

Whether you're just beginning your quest for enlightenment or have long embraced the light, Samuel manifests in ethereal and physical forms that are unmistakably recognizable to you, his mortal companion. There's no need to summon or conjure him, for he is ever-present by your side, committed to seeing you fulfill your true destiny.

Embrace the guidance and protection of this generous and benevolent angelic spirit, and let Samuel illuminate your path to greatness. With him as your companion, the journey towards your highest potential is illuminated with clarity and purpose.