Why Warlock? My Story.




 Why Warlock?

 I use the word Warlock to honor my Elders, who taught me that it hails from an old Viking word meaning "Protector of the Law". During the Viking King Rollo’s reign (911 – 923 AD) his wife, Queen Poppa was distressed by the misinterpretation of Viking law by her subjects. The Queen called together a group of judges and sent them throughout the Viking Empire ensuring that the Law was correctly applied. She called these judges her Warlocks. During the next 400 years, most of the Pagan religions had been absorbed by the Christian doctrine. Frustrated by the fact that many who practiced Witchcraft still rejected Catholicism, in 1318 Pope John XXII declared Witchcraft to be heresy and punishable by death. The Warlocks became defenders for those accused of Witchcraft. In 1484 Pope Innocent VIII turned the fury of the Inquisition against Witches. The Warlocks continued to defend them, with great success. Unable to defeat them, Rome declared the Warlocks to be traitors to the Catholic faith. When the Warlocks argued that they could not be traitors because they had never been Christian to begin with, Pope Gregory XXIII declared them to be oath-breakers in order to discredit them. In truth, the absolute opposite is true. Of all the Viking hierarchy, the Warlocks were the only ones that did NOT break their oath. Modern Warlocks are guardians of Honor and the White Light. We reject the dark arts and encourage positive actions and welcome all who seek and thrive in a diverse and tolerant spiritual world. Join Us Today and embrace the True Viking History that has shaped our New World in every way!



My Story.

 Many years ago…. In a time long past, when the ice still gripped the land, my family embarked on a perilous journey across the frigid waters. Our small vessel carried us to a place far removed from the nearest village, where we sought solace in the solitude of the wilderness. Before me, my sister and brother had entered this world, while I arrived in December, just as the nine-year winter began its relentless grip. With each passing year, the ice broke later, testing the limits of our endurance. As the days grew shorter and colder, my family's struggle for sustenance became increasingly dire.

 Desperation drove my father to brave treacherous waters in search of fish, attempting to prolong the fishing season. However, in the bitter November of the ninth year, he set sail and never returned, claimed by the unforgiving ice and water. A month weighed heavy on our hearts before my mother and elder brother resolved to leave our isolated abode and seek refuge in the nearest village. The four of us set forth one morning, but by noon, a sudden change in weather and a plummeting temperature threw us into disarray.

The ice storm descended upon us swiftly, and fear gripped my mother's eyes as we lost our way amid the swirling whiteout. Huddled beneath a tree, we prayed for the storm to relent. In the span of an hour, we were lost, disoriented in the blinding cold. We clung to one another for warmth, my mother, sister, and brother encircling me as we faced the icy tempest.

 As the storm raged on, morning brought the cruelest revelation. My mother, sister, and brother lay frozen in death beside me. Alone and bewildered, I sat in the snow, tears freezing upon my cheeks. It was then that a towering figure on an immense horse emerged from the swirling whiteness. He dismounted and cradled me gently, guiding me to bid my family farewell. Tears streamed down my face as he placed me upon his steed.


With no words of comfort, the enigmatic man spurred his horse into action. We rode through the day and into the night, my exhaustion finally succumbing to sleep as the darkness enveloped us. When I awoke, I remained upon the horse, hurtling down a hillside toward a quaint house nestled in the heart of a lush, snowless field. For this small respite, I felt a spark of happiness.

 When I awoke on the morrow, still astride the horse, Damen, for that was his name, spoke softly. He told me that I would bear the name Gallan, The Norse Warlock, and that I would be his apprentice until the time was right for me to venture out on my own. For the next twelve years, I learned under Damen's tutelage, honing my skills and embracing The Nine Noble Virtues.

 Upon completing my apprenticeship, I returned often to seek Damen's wisdom, growing in both knowledge and power with each visit. Solitude had become my torment, a stark reminder of the long, lonely winters of my childhood and the isolation I felt even in Damen's company. My heart yearned for adventure, and I vowed to embark on a journey that would lead me to the bustling cities of the world.

 And so, my tale as Gallan, The Norse Warlock, unfolded, resonating with the echoes of my solitary past and the boundless promise of a vibrant future. The lessons I gleaned during my time in the secluded embrace of the wilderness and under the careful guidance of Damen, my enigmatic mentor, would go on to shape my destiny. With knowledge, power, and an adventurous spirit burning within my heart, I set forth into a world teeming with unexplored wonders. Armed with the profound wisdom of The Nine Noble Virtues, they became my unwavering beacon, forever guiding me as I embarked on a quest to unlock the hidden mysteries of the mystical and uncover the marvels concealed within the mundane.