Awaken the Magick Within You & Access Your Personal Powers Spell!







This Spell Awakens the Magick within You, giving you access to all of your Personal Powers! You Mind, Body, and Soul will come together in Perfect Harmony, and you will be able to Harness the White Magick Energy constantly swirling all around us, directing it wherever you wish! This Energy Shifting ability allows you to easily Manifest all you Desire and Deserve in this Life! Your Third Eye will blow wide open, and you will be blessed with Prophetic Dreams and Visions. Your Natural Gifts Will Emerge and Expand, and you will tap into Talents you didn't even know you had!

This Spell will be performed at a prearranged time. You may feel some energy shifts as my Circle gathers to Cross our Wands of Nine to cast this Magick over you. These energy shifts are nothing to fear and will pass quickly. Many people describe the experience as a euphoric feeling.
Experience True Magick!

I look forward to working with you! Blessings, Gallan