Embrace Powers of Merlin with King Arthur Sword Pendant






This King Arthur Sword Pendant is older than even I know. It is a Legacy Treasure, said to have been enchanted by Merlin, and passed from mentor to apprentice for generations. It is quite powerful having absorbed the energies of each practitioner to possessit before you. It is set with a radiant Rainbow Moonstone that heightens your intuition, instincts, natural abilities.

This is a 1" sterling pendant that hangs from a blessed silver chain. It will arrive with a simple binding ritual.

As it catches the light, the Moonstone shimmers with an ethereal glow, invoking the magick of moonlight and awakening its powers of honor, justice, and the enduring quest for truth. Step into the world of chivalry and valor with this rare King Arthur Sword Pendant and connect with the spirits of the legendary King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.