Knights of The Round Table Magick Cross of Protection Pendant

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An Ancient Amulet from the days of King Arthur! Worn by one of the Knights of the Round Table, this Magnificent Talisman was crafted by Master Merlin himself to offer it bearer Complete Protection and set your spirit free of hexes or dark magick. Its Powerful Magick offers its bearer Powerful Protection and Endless Wealth! It hides you from your enemies, cloaks you from evil, and banishes bad luck! It makes your mind quicker and your powers stronger! Your Psychic Powers Soar and you have Endless Energy! You will command Respect and Experience Complete Success in all of your current and future endeavors! Whether you seek Financial, Spiritual, or Personal Success, the Ancient Magick in this Powerful Talisman will never fail you!
This Precious Treasure is Solid Sterling Silver and is adorned with The Cross of Protection. It is 7/8", and the chain is shown for example only. This Spectacular Cross will keep you safe under any and all circumstances. Hang it in your home or place it on your altar, and it will protect all who enter! This Powerful White Magick is strong enough to rid your home of any lingering spirits or unwelcome entities! Included is a Velvet Charging Pouch to keep its Powers Strong, and a Binding Ritual printed on fine parchment paper.

This Powerful Pendant holds the Energies of each Knight and Practitioner who has possessed it before you. You will feel its Powers immediately! You will be free of bad luck, danger, temptation, accidents, broken hearts, gossip, and dark energy of all kinds! The Brave and Noble Templar Knights were able to Vanquish their Enemies be they Mortal or Magick! This Pendant holds Awesome Powers! Live Without Fear! Stride Forward and take your Rightful Place in the World! Nothing Can Stop You Now!

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