Psychic Third Eye Spell - Clear & Accurate Visions that Prove True Every Time!






A Powerful Spell that blows your Third Eye wide open! We are all born Psychically Attuned, but most lose our connection when "reality" creeps in as we grow up. This Spell Work awakens your slumbering gifts and talents, magnifying and multiplying them exponentially! Know things without knowing how you know them. Understand people's motivations. Receive visions of the future that prove true again and again. Have the ability to read hearts and minds! This wonderful White Magick gives you Psychic Powers you never imagined possible! Get the answers you need!
This Spell will be performed at a prearranged time. You may feel some energy shifts as my Circle gathers to Cross our Wands of Nine to cast this Magick over you. These energy shifts are nothing to fear and will pass quickly. Many people describe the experience as an euphoric feeling.
Experience True Magick!
I look forward to working with you! Blessings, Gallan