Noble Pegasus Perseus Enlightened Spirit of Peace Brings Life's Brightest Blessi






Perseus is a Noble Pegasus Spirit who is ready to serve a new mortal companion. His next lucky keeper will be rewarded greatly. Perseus will bring you many blessings. This winged stallion uses ancient White Magick to fill your home with love and positive energy. He will make your days brighter and filled with wonder! This majestic creature is a problem solver and can help you overcome any difficulty on your path to success. Perseus is committed to his keeper and will only use his powers for good.

Your Pegasus Spirit will arrive with a welcoming ritual on parchment paper. He's bound to a 3/4" Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Spirit Sphere. I will include a velvet charging pouch along with his Welcoming Ritual.

This Enlightened Creature will enhance your natural psychic ability. He will also increase your Strength and Stamina. This Pegasus draws Wealth and Power to his possessor! His strong White Magick purifies the energy in your home, banishing negative energies and drawing Good Fortune to you. Your instincts will sharpen and you will experience endless reserves of energy. Procrastination becomes a thing of the past as this Powerful Spirit begins to motivate and inspire you. Achieve your goals and fulfill your destiny! The power is yours! The next to be his mortal companion should expect to be surrounded by Magickal Blessings.