Mars Planetary & Alchemy Symbol Silver Pendant







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A Gorgeous hand cast Solid Sterling Silver Pendant, adorned with the Planetary Symbol for the Mars, which is also the Alchemical Symbol for Iron. It measures 7/8" x 7/8," and is a heavy possession of the Highest Quality!
The glyph or symbol of Mars is a circle with an arrow pointing upward.  One characterization of this glyph is that the circle represents the soldier’s shield and the arrow is a pictograph of his weapon – either a sword or spear.  Mars is said to “rule” the metal iron and this was the chief or crucial constituent of shields and weapons in ancient cultures. In Greek and Roman mythology, Mars was the god of war and strife but metaphysically this planet symbolizes our potency, our ability to motivate ourselves to grow as spiritual beings, and our courage to fight for a higher purpose – something beyond our own self-satisfaction.  Mars is our desires – the most profound spiritual drive to return to paradisaical unity with God – and the most primal of physical desires, sex.  Make this Treasure Yours Today!