Cleanse & Boost Your Life-Force Energy Spell ~ Feel Great & Radiate!!







A Powerful White Magick Spell guaranteed to boost your energy, motivation and discipline! Wake up ready to take on each day! This is an excellent Spell for anyone looking for that extra edge and Magickal advantage. You will have endless energy to accomplish everything you desire. Whether you are trying to lose weight, start a business, or clear your to do list, this is the Spell for you! Stop procrastinating and get it done!

This Spell will be performed at a prearranged time. You may feel some energy shifts as my Circle gathers to Cross our Wands of Nine to cast this Magick over you. These energy shifts are nothing to fear and will pass quickly. Many people describe the experience as an euphoric feeling.

Experience True Magick!

I look forward to working with you! Blessings, Gallan