Circle Master's "Infinite Power & Prosperity" Legacy Ceremonial Staff






Here is the Infinite Power and Prosperity Staff. It was created to attract Infinite Opportunities to you, increasing your Happiness by an in order to fulfill your Deepest Desires and Live Up to Your Full Potential. It opens your Third Eye, gives you full access to the Creativity of your mind and awakens your slumbering Gifts and Talents. Find yourself in the Right Place at the Right Time, with the Right People that reveal Life-Changing Opportunities again and again and again!

Crafted by a Circle Master of extraordinary talents, this vintage hand-carved Ceremonial Staff is in pristine condition. It is hand-carved from Madrone wood, chosen for which will counter any negative or unhelpful energies. It is 64 tall and features an Eternity Symbol and Lightning Bolt of inlaid Malachite, a stone of Transformation and Prosperity. Its Citrine Energy Portal is 1 1/8 and set in fine silver. Citrine is a stone of abundance and joy, and it also acts as a powerful Amplifier of Positive Energy.

The Infinite Power and Prosperity Staff increases your Happiness by attracting Prosperity and Peace to you, so you can focus on Manifesting your Deepest Desires! Its Magickal Portal Draws and Channels Universal Energies that Boost Your Good Luck and Fortune, allowing you to Live your Best Life and Fulfill your True Destiny!