Angel Anointing Oil - Profound Peace & Divine Guidance! Love & Light!






Enhance your spiritual connection with this exquisite oil that beckons your personal angels to draw near. Infused with divine energy, it envelops you in a radiant aura of love and light, creating a sacred space around you.

Before retiring for the night, anoint yourself with this wondrous oil, allowing its gentle fragrance to soothe your senses and prepare your spirit for rest. As you drift into slumber, open your heart and mind to the presence of your guardian angels.

In the tranquil realm of dreams, engage in heartfelt conversations with these celestial beings who watch over you with unwavering care. Feel their comforting embrace and guidance as they offer wisdom, protection, and blessings throughout your journey.

With each application of this enchanting oil, may you deepen your connection to the angelic realm, experiencing profound peace and divine guidance in every aspect of your life.

Each of my exclusive oils is meticulously handcrafted in limited batches, blending Organic Almond Oil with an exquisite medley of Secret Essential Oils, and Infused with the harmonious synergy of Crystals, these half-ounce bottles feature a convenient dropper top. Unleash your creativity by mixing and matching oils for personalized results!

These Intention Oils are unparalleled aids for fortifying the potency and vitality of your spiritual practices, whether spells, rituals, seances, ceremonies, prayers, meditations, or visions. They enchant offerings and excel in summoning and communing with spirits and mystical entities. These oils are extremely potent: a mere drop suffices. Anoint the third eye for heightened intuition, imbue spirit vessels and stone offerings, infuse candles, crystals, and talismans, or sanctify personal artifacts like cloth tokens. I cherish them for anointing spell papers, enriching my Book of Shadows, journaling, and penning letters. Act swiftly, as availability is limited monthly—secure your vial before they vanish into the ether!