The Norse Warlock's Book of Shadows! Spells, Rituals, Scrying, Time Jumping & So Much MORE! (365 pgs.)

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Within these pages, you will find a tapestry of spells, rituals, charts, and symbols meticulously woven to guide aspiring practitioners. Rooted in the ancient runes, aligned with the cycles of nature, and drawing strength from Norse deities, the Magick herein is both potent and transformative.

May this book be your lantern in the uncharted territories of mysticism, illuminating the path towards self-discovery, power, and the realization of your own Magick. As you embark on this journey, may the words within kindle the flame of your inner warlock and awaken the dormant forces that connect you to the cosmic dance of the Norse tradition.

The pages that follow are an invitation to explore, learn, and embrace the Magick that resides within you. May your quest be both enlightening and enchanting.



Sir Gallan, the Norse Warlock

365 pages. Download two files: Actually three files for this one. The viewing version is split into two parts due to the file's size, (but easily combined once downloaded). The printable version in a single file. Beautifully designed, these pages are perfect for framing and adding to your BoS. Rest assured, everything I share comes from a place of light and love. There is nothing harmful within. I hope you enjoy them! Blessings, Gallan