Step Into the Light with Uplifting White Energy Psychic Protection Ring!

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This unique vintage Ring radiates with White Magick Energy that protects its owner. You will be resistant to any psychic attacks with this Powerful Magick. Stop others from reading your mind or planting unwanted thoughts into your head. This ring offers complete protection from any one trying to harm you with black magick or the dark arts. Don’t let negative energy from other people bring you down. Your aura will shine bright and your positive energy will rub off on those around you. With this ring your days will seem brighter and you will find yourself in a better mood.
This is a Solid Sterling Silver Ring, size 8.25. It will arrive with a binding ritual on parchment paper and a blessed velvet charging pouch.

Do you feel that there is negative energy holding you back? This ring will clear your path and free you from any negative energies so you can live your life to the fullest. You will be protected from psychic and physical harm. You will feel uplifted by the Moonstone's strong energy the moment you come into contact with it. This Powerful White Energy will ward off any malevolent spirits and demons that may be afflicting you. Step Into The Light and live your best life with this Magickal Treasure.

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