Spirit Communication Ring! Speak with Mystical Creatures & the Dead!

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A powerful enchantment has been placed on this Azurite Gemstone. It gives you the power to communicate with Spirits. This mystical ring draws Spirits of Light to you including dragons, fairies and unicorns. You will have the ability to telepathically communicate with amazing creatures that speak other languages or don’t speak at all. Many wonderful Spirits have been drawn to me with the power of this ring. Often times this White Magick will draw Spirits to you that will aid you on your journey and provide you with amazing gifts.

This 6 x 15 mm Azurite is set in a size 6 Sterling Silver Ring. It will arrive with a binding ritual on parchment paper. I will include a velvet charging pouch.

You will also be able to speak with the dead with this powerful Magick. Spirits that have crossed over to the other side can provide us with guidance and answers to important questions. This is a powerful tool that will connect you to a Higher Consciousness. Your mind will expand and new doors will open. Your Spirit will soar! Feel the joy that comes from being one with the Stars, and the comfort of being one with the Moon. Open your mind and heart to new experiences and come ever closer to Enlightenment!

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