Spell & Spirit Transfer Box Charges, Changes All of Your Magickal Treasures!

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A Rare and Powerful Spirit and Spell Transfer Box! Place any Spirit Bound or Spelled Possession in this Box overnight with another item and completely transfer its Powers! A Must Have for Spirit Keepers, it allows you to easily transfer your Spirits from one vessel to another. Gift your Spirits with new homes to thank them for a job well done, or as an Offering. This Amazing Box Completely Copies Spells and Enchantments! Place two or more spelled items in the box and each emerges Fully Charged with the Magick of all the others! Perfect for transferring the Energies and Entities from damaged vessels! 
This beautiful old Brass Box with enamel pain. It stands 5 1/4" tall and is set with a gorgeous Goldstone Gemstone, a Perfect Portal for Universal Energy! It is decades old but in excellent condition and of the Highest Quality!
Use this Extraordinary Box to personalize Your Magick! You choose which combination of Spirits, Spells and Enchantments to combine in a single, powerhouse vessel, just for your needs! Every possession that emerges from this Box is Cleansed, Purified and Recharged, more Powerful than Ever Before! The Incredible Energy held within this Transfer Box will never fade of fail you! It has served me well for many years, keeping my Spirits Happy and my Magick Strong! 
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