Sexy Succubus of Youth, Beauty, Desire and Passion, Spirit Pendant

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This Extraordinary Magick Pendant is home to a Succubus of Extraordinary Sex Appeal! She is a Spirit of Awesome Youth and Beauty Powers and Turns Back the Clock! Her Powerful Magick reverses the aging process of the mind and spirit! This Exquisite Creature is also a Seductress of the Highest Order and will Share her Secrets with you and you alone! Her Pendant Radiates your positive energy outward making you look more beautiful to everyone who sees you! It is Fully Charged with a Magnetic Energy that pulls and binds your True Love to you! Your lover will be overwhelmed with Burning Desire for you and your touch! This Succubus will ignite your own Erotic Passion allowing you to Experience Ecstasy Beyond Your Wildest Fantasies! Look Good, Feel Good, Be Loved and Desired! She provides you with all you need to live a Happy and Fulfilling life! The next owner of this Pendant will begin to feel Younger, more Beautiful, and Sexier immediately upon wearing it! Not recommended for the weak of heart!
The Magick Pendant is Solid Sterling Silver 7/8" and hangs from a Blessed Sterling Chain. The Succubus' Sacred Spirit Vessel, is a pretty 7/8" Pink Rhodochrosite Gemstone that Radiates Undeniable Sexual Energy! You may feel flushed or warm when you begin to wear this Magick Pendant. That is perfectly normal and will become less noticeable over time. I am including a Velvet Charging Pouch and her Binding Ritual printed on fine parchment paper to her next Mortal Companion.

Read the minds of Lovers and Enemies! After a simple Binding Ritual, this Sanguine Succubus gifts her Mortal Companion with all of her Extraordinary Powers! You will strike fear into the heart of your enemies! Those who wish you ill will suffer the effects themselves. Walk on the Dark Side and mingle with the Undead! Walk with this Succubus and Nothing can harm you! Extraordinary Riches! Immortality! All you need to Conquer your Domain and Rule Your Realm is at your fingertips! There is no Spirit more Powerful! Wear or hold this Magick Pendant and feel her Energies Surge through you! All who see you will Desire you! All You Wish For Is Yours! Communicate with Spirits! Command Mortals! This Powerful Pendant is indeed a Rare and Valuable Treasure! I will never offer another like it! Buy Now and Change Your Life Today! 

Keep Your Spirits Happy! This Succubus appreciates offerings of Youth & Beauty Oil and Youth & Beauty Incense and will reward you well for them!


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