Remote Viewing Psychic Ring for Clear Past, Present & Future Visions!

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This is an Amazing Ring fully charged with Psychic Powers that allow its keeper to Remotely View others in real time. It provides Clear and Accurate Visions again and again! It is also a strong Spirit Communication Portal that connects you with Spirits of Light who have something to share. They may ask you to pass a message to a friend or loved one, or help you to connect with someone you are seeking on the other side. You will find your natural instincts, intuition and empath powers grown more reliable and you will know what people are thinking and feeling! You will experience the same thing with any Beings, Energies, and Spirits that may already be surrounding you! It holds my Most Powerful Protection Spell to let you communicate with Dark Spirits while keeping you Completely Safe! This Awesome Ring radiates a Cleansing Energy that Purifies your Spirit and surroundings! It draws Abundance, Prosperity and Peace to all who live in your home! Good Luck and Life’s Blessings will find you wherever you go!

This is a very Powerful Ring! It is Sterling Silver and size 9.25. It is set with a 9 mm White Topaz Gemstone Psychic Energy Portal! It I am including a Blessed Velvet Charging Pouch and a Binding Ritual printed on fine parchment paper.

This Magick Psychic Ring is an especially effective channeling tool. Get the Answers You Need! It connects you to a Higher Consciousness and allows you to pass on messages from those who have crossed over! You will experience the Bliss of being Connected to All Living Beings, and Mother Earth Herself! Your Mind will Expand and new doors will open! Your Spirit will Soar! Feel the Joy that comes from being one with the Stars, and the Comfort of being one with the Moon! Open your Mind and Heart to New Experiences and come ever closer to Enlightenment! Don’t let this rare opportunity slip away! Buy Now! 

To further expand your Psychic Powers, I recommend my Third Eye Oil, and Psychic Master Eternity Oil.
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