Psychic Portal Reincarnation Ring Reveals Past Lives! Heal Karmic Wounds!

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Here is a very Powerful Reincarnation Tool! With it, you will see and learn from past lives. Take the knowledge from the hard lessons you've already learned, so you do not have to relearn them this lifetime. Once you know the Secrets of The Past, you can Understand The Present and Prepare for The Future! You experience Positive Paradigms Shift, Your Focus is Strong, and you are able to Move Forward! This is an Excellent Tool for those who are held back by hurts they can't explain, loss they don't understand. There are reasons for our struggles, but no reason for having to repeat them! Set Yourself Free!

This Vintage Sterling Silver Ring is size 9. The Paranormal Portal is a Black Onyx Gemstone. You may feel dizzy or lightheaded when you unwrap it, from the energy build up in the package. This should pass quickly. Place it near your bedside for the first week so it can bond quickly with your subconscious mind and dream states.

This awesome Portal opens your Psychic Powers, allowing your Soul's Memories to reach you in the here and now! Once this Psychic Portal is opened, your Sixth Sense will Magnify and Multiply Exponentially! You'll know things without knowing how you know them. Your Visions will prove true again and again! Soon, your Sixth Sense will be as available and constant to you as your other five! You will be recognized and welcomed by other Beings of Light! You will have the Power to Create the Life You've Always Known You were Meant For! I will include a Free Magic Charging Pouch, and a Binding Ritual to the next Keeper of the Portal.

Make sure to see my Anointing Oils and Metaphysical Crystals to personalize YOUR Magick! 


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