Psychic Mind Control Mesmerizing Ring Makes Them See It Your Way!

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This is an amazing Mind Control Ring! With this Powerful Magick you will be able to convince anyone to do anything without saying a word! I spelled this ring myself a Rare Secret Magick known only to the very Highest Practitioners of The Craft! With each passing year there are fewer and fewer people who know the secrets to this Powerful Ancient Magick! Wear this ring and whoever you are conversing with will come completely under your spell! Their subconscious mind will be open any suggestions and commands you choose to place there! The next possessor of this ring will have the power to persuade anyone to do your bidding as easily as if they were hypnotized!

This Awesome Ring is Solid Sterling Silver, size 7.5. It is set with a brilliantly faceted Ruby Gemstone, fully charged with Extraordinary Powers of Persuasion! It comes with a simple Binding Ritual, and a Blessed Velvet Charging Pouch. 

The possessor of this ring only needs to use the power of their mind to dictate the actions and thoughts of others! I have used this Mesmerizing Magick Ring on perilous journeys, escaping danger again and again by controlling the mind of those would harm me! Convince anyone to do anything! Win arguments! Secure Promotions! Make them see things your way! This Ring’s Power is Unsurpassed! Its Magick will never fail you!    

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