Psychic Lucid Dreams Orb, Be an Active Participant in Your Dreams

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Here is an orb that is used to help you be an Active Participant in your Dreams and Guide them wherever you wish! Send and Receive thoughts Telepathically! Communicate with those who have crossed over! It is an Excellent Tool for those who are just beginning their Metaphysical Journey, as well as those who wish to go Further! This Orb is a wonderful tool to help open and activate your Third Eye while it Purifies and Cleanses all of your Energies! With practice, your natural Instincts and Intuition will be brought forward and will multiply Exponentially! Experience Paradigm Shifts that reveal whole New Realities and Opportunities! Discover the Truths and Answers you have been searching for! With this new Insight, you will see Easy, Natural Solutions to even your most difficult issues! Let this Orb help you with your True Self and ensure you avoid roadblocks on your path to Enlightenment!
This Psychic Lucid Dreams Orb is a 33 mm Natural Rose Quartz Gemstone Sphere swirling with Powerful Psychic Energy! 
You will be Amazed at how strong your Personal Power and Courage are when all of your learned fears and doubts have fallen away! You will wake up Excited for the New Day! Obstacles are replaced by Opportunities! You will be Inspired Creatively! You will come into Harmonious Alignment with the Universe’s Purest White Energy and connect to other White-Lighted Souls! Step into the Life you always knew you were meant to Live! Buy Now and Fulfill Your Destiny!


You'll love my Psychic Master Oil!

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