Psychic Divine Guidance Gemstone Orb Clears Your Path of All Obstacles!

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Behold a Most Powerful Magick Crystal Orb of Divine Psychic Guidance! Each day you possess this Amethyst Sphere, you will become more and more Powerful! Your natural Powers and Gifts will come forward and be easily accessible to you! Good Luck and Opportunity will find you wherever you go! It will Protect You and Yours from demons and evil of all kinds! Its Ancient Magick seeks out Rare Treasures and pulls them to you, showering you with an Abundance of Riches! Take Control of Your Life! With this Divine Guidance Crystal, Nothing Can Stop You from Manifesting All You Deserve and Desire! Financial and Spiritual well-being becomes your new reality! All you desire will be Manifested in the most surprising and happy ways! Your friends will be astounded by your "Amazing Good Luck"! You will have complete control over your Destiny!

This is a 34 mm Amethyst Gemstone Orb. You may feel a rush of Energy the moment you hold it in your hands! If you are dizzy or lightheaded, no worries, this is the Powerful Energy that has built up within the package. This will pass within a few moments. I am including a Blessed Velvet Charging Pouch, and a Binding Ritual on parchment paper, suitable for your Book of Shadows.

Let this Amazing Crystal Transport you wherever you wish! Travel back and forth through Time! See the Future! Visit other dimensions filled with Angels, Genies, Fairies and other White-Lighted Creatures! Connect to the Collective Consciousness that connects All Beings of Light! Its Strong White Psychic Magick drives away all the negative energy and emotions we run into in our daily lives. You will notice you breathe deeper, and your anxieties begin to fall away almost immediately. Place it on an Altar, or other special place in your home and its Extraordinary Powers will bless all who enter! Its Energy draws People, Spirits, and Angels who have only your best intentions in their hearts! Opportunities for Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance will appear again and again! Its Magick is strong enough to Set You Free from any hexes, curses, bad luck, or dark magick you may currently be suffering from! It will drive out all evil entities and demons from your home! All darkness will be reflected away from you back to whence it came! This is an Exceptional piece for the Novice as well as the Adept!  

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