Psychic Divination Pendulum, Get the Answers You Need, Dowsing Tool

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This is an Amazing Divination Pendulum that gives you True and Accurate Answers. It is a Powerful Dowsing Tool that you can trust to correctly predict the future, as well as show you the Clearest Path to Manifesting Your Best Life. The Pendulum is fully Charged with Psychic Energy. It will never fade or fail you! It is a Superb Talisman of Extraordinary Powers! It is an excellent tool for Solo and Group work.  
This Powerful Pendulum is a 7/8 " x 1/2" Opalite Gemstone that hangs from a silver chain. I am including a Blessed Velvet Charging Pouch and a Divination Ritual printed on fine parchment paper, suitable for your Book of Shadows. It is guaranteed to heighten your Psychic Powers!
This Psychic Pendulum is an especially effective channeling tool. Get the Answers You Need! It connects you to a Higher Consciousness and allows you to pass on messages from those who have crossed over! You will experience the Bliss of being Connected to All Living Beings, and Mother Earth Herself! Your Mind will Expand and new doors will open! Your Spirit will Soar! Feel the Joy that comes from being one with the Stars, and the Comfort of being one with the Moon! Open your Mind and Heart to New Experiences and come ever closer to Enlightenment! Don’t let this rare opportunity slip away!  
To further expand your Psychic Powers, I recommend Third Eye Oil, and Psychic Master Eternity Oil.
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