Moonstone Ring of Serenity Brings Peace, Happiness and Tranquility

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A powerful enchantment has been placed on this Moonstone. It's perfect for anyone who is suffering from stress. This White Magick will bring you peace, happiness and serenity. If there is trouble in your home or at work this treasure will make it a peaceful place of tranquility. The Moonstone has a calming affect that brings out the best in people. It promotes unity and stops people from fighting with one another. It eases tensions, helps solve problems and puts an end to arguments.

This 8 x 11 mm Moonstone is set in a size 8 Sterling Silver Ring. It will arrive with a binding ritual on parchment paper. I will include a velvet charging pouch.

The fast-acting Magick from this ring will reduce the amount of stress you have. It works by clearing away the negative energies around us and connecting us to the universes positive vibrations. Your days will seem brighter as this powerful enchantment works to bring you joy. Don’t let negative energy cause problems in your life anymore. When you’re with this ring you will experience complete serenity! It clears mental blocks and heals wounds of the heart and soul. Your mind will be clear, and your focus strong. You will feel at peace with yourself and with the world.


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