Mind Body Spirit Synchronicity Spinning Ring, Ancient White Magick

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Here is an excellent tool for settling your Mind and connecting it to your Body and Spirit! It brings Peace, Serenity, and Psychic Healing to you and your home. It holds a Gentle, but Powerful Magic that Synchronizes your subconscious mind, dream states and reality! It helps with paradigm shifts, and eases your "rational mind" into seeing the Magick all around you. It is wonderful for beginners, as well as the most adept! It connects you to the White Magick Energy that is constantly swirling around all of us. Be aligned with the Collective Consciousness of The Enlightened!

This Magick Spinning Ring is Sterling Silver with Brass and Copper accents. It is size 8.25 and radiates undeniable White Energy! I will include a Binding Ritual and Velvet Charging Pouch to keep its powers strong!

Do you feel emotionally scattered? Do you feel like you can't quiet your mind? Focus is necessary to manifest All You Desire! Your Spirit, Body, Mind Connection is Absolutely Necessary to live the life you desire and deserve! Your Spirit knows its True Purpose. The Ancient Magick in this Ring helps to balance your life so you can Fulfill Your Destiny! It wipes away fear, bad luck, and bad karma. It strengthens your Sense of Self allowing you to live your best life! Stop struggling! Reach Serenity! Tap Your True Potential! 

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