Metaphysical Energy Discipline and Motivation Boosting Magick Ring

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Here is a Magick Ring guaranteed to Boost Your Energy, Motivation and Discipline! Wake up ready to take on each day! This is an excellent piece for anyone looking for that Extra Edge and Magical Advantage. It calms your mind and focuses your intentions like a laser! You will have endless energy to accomplish everything you desire! Whether you are trying to lose weight, start a business, or clear your To Do List, this is the Ring For You! Stop procrastinating and Get It Done! Manifest Your Best Life and Live Your Destiny!
This Unique Ring is Solid Sterling Silver and size 6.5. Included is a Blessed Velvet Charging Pouch and a Binding Ritual on parchment paper, perfect for your Book of Shadows!
You CAN accomplish your Goals and Live Your DREAMS! With this Magick Ring you will be excited to take on new challenges and Reach Your Goals! Live your Personal Destiny! Step into the Light! We are waiting to Welcome You!

You'll also benefit from my Aura Cleansing Spell and Cleansing & Purification Incense!


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