Metaphysical Astral Travel & Time Jumping Paranormal Pendulum!

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Behold a Time Jumping and Astral Travel Pendulum that was blessed  to pull The Universe's Abundance to its Keeper, no matter which Realm you are in! Let this Paranormal Pendulum allows you to wander at will through this Dimension and others! Transport yourself wherever you wish! Jump back and forth through time! See the Future! Be Welcomed in other dimensions filled with Angels, Genies, Fairies and other White-Lighted Creatures! The next to possess this Extraordinary Pendulum will be showered with Riches, Power, and Golden Opportunities for Vast amounts of Wealth! This Awesome Pendant also carries my most Powerful Protection Spell to keep your physical body safe while your spirit is elsewhere, and to ensure you make wise decisions to keep your new found Knowledge and Riches!
This is a 7/8" - 1/2" Blue Goldstone Pendulum that allows you to travel the Space/Time Continuum! It nearly vibrates with Universal Energy! I am including a Blessed Velvet Charging Pouch and a Binding Ritual printed on parchment suitable for your Book of Shadows. Keep this Powerful Portal near your bedside for Fantastic Lucid Dream Experiences!
If you are new to wandering the Space/Time Continuum, sleep with the Pendant near your bedside. Soon Time and Space will no longer be obstacles, only Opportunities! Take Control of Your Life! With this Powerful White Magick Pendant, You have the Power to Manifest All You Deserve and Desire!
I recommend anointing yourself with Protection Oil any time your Spirit leaves the earthly plane. 
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