Make Them Want You! Magick Fountain of Youth & Beauty Passion Ring!

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Here is a Magnificent Youth and Beauty Ring that Turns Back The Clock and makes you Look and Feel like you did in your prime! The Pretty Pink Ruby in this ring was charmed with a powerful Master Spell cast with Waters from the Fountain of Youth. These Mythical Waters were collected over a century ago! This Powerful White Magick reverses the aging process of the mind and spirit! The Ring was spelled specifically to radiate your positive energy outward making you look More Beautiful to everyone who sees you!

This exquisite Solid Sterling Silver Ring is size 7 It is set with a Natural Ruby Gemstone Fully Charged with this Powerful Magick! It is a Stunner that gets lots of attention! It is not unusual to feel light headed when first wearing the ring, but it is nothing to fear, and will pass quickly. I am including a Blessed Velvet Charging Pouch and a Binding Ritual printed on fine parchment to the next Lucky Keeper of this Ring.

Look Good and Feel Good! This Magick Ring will make you feel like you’ve just come home from the spa. It helps to release stress, worry so you can Relax! Become more comfortable in your own skin and feel more rejuvenated every day you possess this Precious Ring! There are fewer and fewer of these Rare Tools available every year. Don’t Miss Out! Buy Today before it’s gone forever!

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