Make Them See it YOUR Way, Psychic Power of Persuasion Pendant

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Each of these Extraordinary Pendants offers Complete Control to its possessor! With this Powerful Magick you will be able to convince anyone to do anything without saying a word! Possess one and you only need to use the power of your mind to dictate the actions and thoughts of others! Make them see it Your Way!

This offer is for one 7/8" Blue Goldstone Pendant. These were spelled over twelve consecutive New Moons by the High Elders of my Circle. With each passing year there are fewer and fewer of us who possess the knowledge and powers necessary to imbue such Strong Magick.  Included is a Blessed Velvet Charging Pouch and a Binding Ritual on fine parchment paper. 

With this Strong Magick I have escaped dangerous situations by controlling those who wished me ill! Violence was not necessary, I only had to use the powers of my mind! Passage was given, guards stepped aside, demons abated, all because I wished it so! The power they hold is Awesome, and their Magick Will Never Fail You! 

To further expand your Psychic Powers, I recommend Third Eye Oil, and Psychic Master Eternity Oil.
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