Make A Wish Box Turns Your Dreams Into Reality with Powerful Magick!

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I am parting with a mystic treasure that uses ancient Magick to manifest your wishes into reality. This Magick Wishing Box draws upon the power of Universal Connection to make your dreams come true. I will include instructions on how to use this Wishing Box. This is a powerful tool that will help you live your best life and fulfill you every desire. No wish is too big or small for the amazing Magick held within this box. This is a rare opportunity to change your life forever. Your destiny awaits you!

This vintage stone Wishing Box has never failed me! It is 2 1/2 x 1 1/4" and set with a Green Malachite Gemstone Energy Portal. You will love to display it in your home.

Do you ever wonder why some people to have it so easy while you continue to struggle? Many of the most successful and famous people today have embraced White Magick to reach the highest of heights. What’s stopping you? It’s time to take complete control of your life! This lovely Magick Wishing Box has never failed me over the years. It’s very old but has been well cared for and is in excellent condition and of the highest quality! The power within is focused and very strong.

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