Magick Ring of Wealth and Wisdom Unlocks Ancient Universal Secrets!

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Behold this powerful Ring of Wealth & Wisdom. This Unique Ring has been Enchanted with powerful Magick that stimulates and opens your mind - making you smarter each day you possess it. You can continue to gain knowledge and unlock the Ancient Secrets of The Universe. You will excel at whatever you put your mind to. This Ring is particularly useful for someone trying to make financial gains to get ahead in life. This will be easy to do as you will become smarter than everyone around you. When you first encounter this piece you may feel a strange calming sensation come over you. This will pass as the Ring attunes to your energy.

This is a Vintage Solid Sterling Ring. It is 7/8" tall and features a Lapis Lazuli Gemstone energy portal. It will arrive with a binding ritual on parchment paper. I will include a velvet charging pouch.

Learn to understand the language of the universe. Communicate with all of creation! Experience paradigm shifts that open new doors of perception! This is the best kind of investment you can make for your future. Would you like to make more money? Do you want to become wealthier? This Powerful Enchantment will provide you with the financial freedom to never work again if you so choose. Your superior intellect will make life a breeze. Soon you’ll be able to buy whatever you want. You will never have to worry about debt or money again.

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