Magick Muse Fairy of Fame & Fortune! Creative Inspiration & Success!

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This is a Rare Opportunity that ensures your Talent is Recognized, Celebrated and Financially Rewarded! Your Fame and Fortune will take you to reach the highest of heights! This Magick Muse Fairy boosts your Creative Energy and ensures you Gain Fame and Fortune! With her, you will be Divinely Inspired! Experience Powerful Paradigm Shifts that reveal New Truths! This Delightful Spirit Opens the Doors of the Mind to New Realities and Powers! Her Amazing Magick puts you in Perfect Harmony with the Universal Oneness, allowing you to access Creativity, Energies, Knowledge, and Powers you never knew you had! She draws Abundance to its possessor and showers you with Riches, Power, and Opportunities so you are free to Follow Your Dreams! Each day you possess this Statue, you will become more and more Powerful! Your natural Paranormal Powers will come forward and be easily accessible to you! You will have complete control over your domain! With this Rare Treasure your Creative Powers will progress and your Horizons will expand like never before!

The Fairy's Spirit Vessel is a 12" Vintage Brass Statue of exquisite beauty and excellent quality! She comes with a 1 1/4" Sterling Silver Heart Shaped Locket that carries a Blessed Rose Quartz Gemstone Sphere so you can take her Magick with you wherever you go! I will release her name and welcoming ritual to her new companion only.

 What’s stopping You? It’s time to Take Complete Control and Change Your Life! This Magick Muse's Powers are focused and very strong! If you feel faint or overcome by new sensations after she arrives, you may have to let your body's energy adjust to it gradually. Do not despair! Once you are used to its Powerful Magick, nothing can stop you from Manifesting all you Deserve and Desire in this life! Even your most difficult problems will be solved with Creative Solutions inspired by this Marvelous Muse Fairy! Your imagination will become your tool! On What will you set your desires? It is a Truly Rare and Precious Treasure that will shower Blessing upon you and yours for generations to come! 

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