Magick Money Master Eternity Oil Draws Wealth and Abundance

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Money is Power and this Extraordinary Ancient Magick that gives you all you need to Conquer Your Domain! Surround yourself with Riches, Luxury and an Abundance of Wealth! Be Successful in All Endeavors! Command Respect from all who know you! Command Respect! Rule Your Realm!

I am proud to offer the a limited quantity of Vintage Master Eternity Oils from my personal collection! These are Rare and Powerful Potions fully charged with Awesome White Magick! They are Fully Charged for Eternity with Strong White Magick! Just wearing the vial or hanging it in your home will surround you with the Magick within. These are Ancient Recipes that use Special Unique Blends of Secret Ingredients of Essential Oils, Herbs and Botanicals, then enhanced with combinations of Blessed Crystals. These Master Eternity Oils are Excellent for Enhancing the Powers and Energies of your Spell Work, Rituals, Seances, Ceremonies, Prayers, Meditations and Visions. Wonderful when making Offerings. Exceptional for Conjuring and Invoking Spirits and Magical Creatures!

These small glass vials measure 1" with their top. The Eternity Oils are sealed within these exquisite vials forever! They are suitable for hanging on a chain or wire.  

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