Magick Midas Touch Money Spell Pendant and Wealth Charging Pyramid

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I am very pleased to offer an Extraordinarily Powerful King Midas Magick Touch Pendant and Wealth Charging Pyramid! These Rare and Sacred Treasures are Fully Charged with the Most Powerful Wealth Magick ever known! Their Magick is so strong that it emits its own Magnetic Energy that Pulls All Good Things to You! Your life will overflow with Financial and Spiritual Riches, Prosperity, and Good Luck! Golden Opportunities will find you wherever you go! All of your wishes will Manifest quickly in the most Surprising and Pleasant ways! People will be Astonished at Your Amazing Good Luck! Your Stars will Align and your life will fall into Perfect Harmony and Balance! All you have ever Dreamed of, all you have ever Desired is Yours for the asking! Life will become a Celebration as you fall into Perfect Harmony with the Universal Oneness! Your own energies will be Purified and Cleansed of all negativity and bad karma. Your Spirit will be Renewed and Ready to Command the Infinite Magic held within the Spectacular Stone! Step Forward and Fulfill Your True Destiny!

This Spectacular Pendant is Stunning! It is sterling silver, 1 1/2" and hangs from a blessed sterling chain. It is set with three Gorgeous Golden Tiger Eye Gemstones that Radiates Magick! These beautiful Stone are Sacred Storehouses fully charged with Wealth Magick! The Pendant also holds a Powerful Protection Spell to keep your new found wealth safe, your feet firmly grounded, and ensures others are not jealous of your good fortune. It does not need to be worn to be effective. You may place it near your bedside, on your altar, or other special place in your home. This Amazing Pyramid will charge any item you place on it with Powerful Money Magick! Together, they draws Vast Wealth that will allow you to Live your Every Fantasy!

The next to own these Magickal Treasures should be prepared for your life to change quickly! This is a set with Exceptional Powers! They are Excellent Tools for the Beginner or the Most Accomplished Practitioner! Their Rare Golden Magick will open the Doors of Your Mind to New Dimensions, Powers and Paradigm Shifts! It washes clean all negativity from your surroundings! Your Personal Powers will Multiply Exponentially and you will be able to do your Spirit’s work of spreading this Extraordinary Energy and Peace throughout the World! Don’t Wait! Step into the Light! Good Luck and Good Fortune await! With these Sacred Secrets you have the Power to Manifest All You Desire and Deserve! The doors of your Mind will be blown open to new Realities, and your Spirit will be set Free!   

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