Magick Mermaid Queen Misty, Healing, Youth and Beauty Powers


Behold Her Royal Highness, The Mermaid Queen MistyShe is a Serene and Enlightened Spirit of Extraordinary Talents! She has Exceptional Powers of Youth and Beauty! With her near, You will feel better than you have in years! Her energy is exceptional, calming and Inspiring! People will be naturally drawn to you and want to help you achieve your Dreams. Her greatest Joy is gifting her Mortal Companion with the Very Best this World Has to Offer! Queen Misty has strong Healing Energies. Mortals come to cry on her shoulder, and leave happy,  their hearts healed. Mermaids and Sea Spirits visit the Queen often and will thank you for your Hospitality in the Most Delightful Ways! Get ready for your Life to Change Quickly! Is she calling you?  

The Queen is be bound to a 3/4" Jade Gemstone Spirit Sphere Fully Charged with Youth Beauty and Psychic White Lighted Energy. She will fill your home with Cleansing and Calming Energy the moment you welcome her. Included is a Velvet Charging Pouch and her Welcoming Ritual on parchment paper suitable for your Book of Shadows.

Queen Misty is a Rare Soul among Spirit Seekers. Many have felt her presence in the changing Wind. Now Behold! She is here, waiting for You to Claim Her! She will boost your Creative and Psychic Energies. Be recognized for your Gifts and respected for your Talents! She uses the Power of the Ocean to Clear all obstacles in Your Path to Enlightenment! Make her yours today and she Blesses Everyone You Love with Joy and Abundance!

Welcome this Exquisite Creature and Live the Fantasy! Hurry - she won't wait long!

 Some of the Queen's favorite offerings and gifts are sea shells and Youth & Beauty Spiritual Oil. I am always available to answer questions and offer support when working with your new Spirit.


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