Magick Legacy Life Giver and Protection Suite

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It is my distinct honor to present to you a Magick Legacy Life Giver & Protection Suite! It is composed of a Life Giver's Protection Healing Ring, a Shield Maiden's Life Giver's Pendant and a Life Giver's White Energy Charging Box. Each of these Unique Treasures is set with a Magnificent Opal Gemstone Energy Portal of Unmatched Beauty and Powers! The Life Giver's Protection Healing Ring and Shield Maiden's Life Giver's Pendant were created by a Master Alchemist and High Priest many years ago, specifically for use by his consort Amelia, a powerful psychic, and Priestess of her own Circle. Priestess Amelia used them for many years during turbulent times healing wounds of mind, spirit and body. It is said that Priestess Amelia was truly radiant and surrounded by light.The Life Giver's White Energy Charging Box holds divine white energy, with the opal acting as a portal that channels this universal light. The energy in the box is strong enough to completely cleanse any negative energies your treasures may pick up over time. Anything placed inside for just 24 hours emerges recharged and refocused. The box has sat upon my high altar for many years, holding these Sacred Treasures. Priestess Amelia's Power is strong in each of these possessions, and the next to possess them should expect to feel a strong connection with her.

The Life Giver's Charging Box is solid brass with enamel. It 5 1/2" x 1". It's Opal Gemstone Portal is 23 x 13 x 11 mm. The Shield Maiden's Life Giver's Pendant is Solid Sterling Silver, and 1 1/2" in diameter. Its Opal Gemstone Portal is 28 x 16 x 10 mm. The Life Giver's Protection Healing Ring is solid Sterling Silver. It is size 6 and measures 1 " x 3/4". Its Opal Gemstone Portal is 17 x 10 x 7. These are one of a kind pieces of exceptional beauty and the highest quality!

If you have been Searching..... Here is The Answer! It is time to cast aside doubts, regrets and fears! It is time to Step Into the Light! Live the life you've always known you were Meant For! Don't Wait! Pull Your Blessings to You! Buy Now! You'll be so glad you did!

 Make sure to see my Spells and Spiritual Oils to take your Magick further!

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