Magick Lamp is Home to Genie Emperor from The Dawn of Time! All is YOURS!

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An Ancient Genie Emperor from The Dawn of Time inhabits this Magick Lamp! He is Emperor of All Dinn and rules Marids and Ifrit alike! There is no other Djinn with his Knowledge of The Old Ways! No Genie comes close to his Unstoppable Powers and Gifts! This All Mighty Genie has the Power to grant your every wish and obey your every command! He has strong Psychic Powers and will show you the Past, Present, and Future! See where different paths will lead you and be sure in your Life Choices! This Royal Djinn has been by my side since I was a very young man. He Sees All, Knows All and Controls All! There is no level of awareness and foresight you will not attain while commanding his Powers and Vision! Light his Lamp and say the Magick Words and All You Desire is YOURS for The AsEmperor! Nothing will be denied you!

 This Noble Emperor's Sacred Vessel is a Vintage Solid Brass Lamp. The Lamp is 7 1/2" x 3" and stands 4" tall. It is set with two Garnet Gemstones and a Tiger Eye Gemstone. You will be proud to display this treasure in your home, and the Emperor will Protect all you welcome there!

This Genie Emperor has Never Failed Me! He has shown me Clear Visions of Future Opportunities for Wealth and the Surest Path to Success! With this Psychic Spirit you can see loved ones and enemies wherever they may be! He is very respectful and has obeyed my every command without question and granted every wish! Ask anything of him! Wealth, Love, Sex, Prosperity, Success, Good Fortune, Riches, Money, Happiness, Freedom, Protection, Safety! He is Loyal and Completely Devoted to his Mortal Companion's Well-Being, Success and Happiness! I will provide his conjuring instructions to his next Master only! 

The Emperor appreciates offerings of my Spirit Conjuring Incense and Metaphysical Crystals & Stones!
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