How to: 

Cast Your Circle


Your Circle is a sacred space that is protected from unwanted influences and charged with magical energy.

Choose an area large enough for you to move around in, and in which you will be undisturbed. Cleanse this sacred space with sage or another purifying incense by spreading the smoke throughout the space. While you are doing the cleansing, visualize any old energy patterns that are present being cleared away.

Stand in the center of what will be your circle, facing east. Point a finger, wand, or crystal directly out in front of you. Turn around completely (clockwise) one time, drawing an invisible line as you go. Visualize this line as a wall of energy that you are creating around the circle, keeping any negative forces out and any magical energy in. You may also mark your circle with peace powder, or a circle of burning incense or candles. Finish casting your circle by inviting any other guests that you would like to attend, such as personal deities, and declaring that the circle is protected from unwanted influences. Continue with whatever you would like to do inside the circle. When you are finished, Thank the spirits involved and walk around the circle in the reverse direction, visualizing the boundaries expanding, opening or dissolving.

Create Your Altar


Your Altar is a sacred space where we go to connect the Divine Spirit within us with the Divine Spirit and the Gods in the Universe. It may be a small space in the corner of a room, and entire room, or out in Mother Nature. An altar is a living thing, being added to and adjusted to reflect your personal growth and desires. Many great religions including Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, and the ancient religions, have used altars for many purposes in worshiping the Universal Deity. Worshiping is an essential element in every individual’s spiritual journey. Your altar provides you with a focus to think, pray, meditate and listen. It helps us connect the God within us with the Gods of the Universe. An altar helps to remind us to stop during our hectic and busy lives, to take time to be, to listen, and to talk with the God of our understanding. It helps us to stop with our everyday tasks and to take time to nourish our souls. It is an oasis of silence and peace, a place of spiritual comfort and inspiration. Anything that represents to you the sacred power of the Universe should be placed on your altar. Plants, crystals, photos of loved ones, talismans for strength, motivation, and luck are always present. I place something to symbolize my intentions, as well as symbols of what I hope to manifest. Intention can be put into any object and therefore it is really important to concentrate your aim or purpose of placing a particular item on your altar. Think into these objects your intention for what they represent. My altar is also a place where I go to meditate, make offerings to spirits, and most often cast my circle. I find it helpful to have a formal beginning for each ceremony, meditation, etc. I use the burning of incense or white sage to formally open my worshiping. I always begin by giving thanks for the blessings I have received. I then present the intentions. You will find you can realize many blessings simply by asking for yourself or others. The asking needs to be done in humility and love for self and others. Altars can be used for the solo practitioner, or in a group setting. The development and use of an altar can be a personal or private time or it can be used to bring a family together for many special times. The development and use of an altar in your home will enrich your life and bring you many blessings.