Lucky Wish Upon A Star Magick Ring Brings You Life's Brightest Blessings

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I present to you a Magick Ring of Mythic Powers! This Extraordinary Treasure is Fully Charged with Good Luck Magick! It is a Talisman of Visions and Clarity! Its Magick Binds all Good Things to you and drives away all negativity! Regrets, Doubts and Fears are cast aside! Your Talents and Gifts become obvious to everyone, including You! Your Heart swells with Peace and Light and you will proudly Stride Forward to Take Your Rightful Place in the Circle! We have been waiting for you and you will be welcomed warmly! You will be Showered with Vast Financial and Spiritual Riches! You will live a life of Abundance, Prosperity and Perfect Harmony!

This Magick Ring is Solid Sterling Silver, 7/8" and size 6.75. I will include a Wishing Ritual and Velvet Charging Pouch to keep its Powers Strong! Possess this Ring and the Stars will align your energies with Good Luck of All Kinds! You will feel the Ring’s energy immediately after unwrapping it. If you feel dizzy or light headed at first, have no fear. Sleep with it next to you for three nights in a row and you should have no problems after that.

This Magick Ring enhances the Mind, Heart, and Soul connection! It draws out your True, Best, Creative, Loving, Self! It helps to keep you Grounded, and Speeds the Healing Process of the Heart and Psyche. It brings you into Perfect Harmony with the Universe’s White Energy, and all its Beings of Light! As your Mind Expands and Paradigms Shift you will discover you know things without knowing why or how you know them. Your Spirit Guides will be easily accessible to you! Your Intuition will be spot on and you will encounter Opportunities and Blessings around each corner! Come! Join the many on a Higher Path heading to Enlightenment and Nirvana! Take a Chance! Change your life Today!

 Don’t Wait Another Day for Your Wishes to Come True! Buy Now!

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