Lovely Fairy Fae Ring Calls Fairies & Spirits of Light to Help You Every Day!

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This is a very special Magick Ring! It was spelled by three Fairy Princesses and is Fully Charged with Powerful Fairy Magick! Perform a simple ceremony, and this exquisite talisman will summon White Lighted Magickal Creatures of all kinds! This extraordinary Magick Ring beckons them to your home, and they surround you with Good Luck, Unexpected Blessings, Peace and Harmony. The Fairy Magick in this Stone is so strong even your plants and pets will thrive. Your spirit will be light and happy and you will experience Inner Healing and Peace.

The Ring is Sterling Silver and size 6. It may be worn or kept on your bedside or altar. The Magick Stone is a pretty Pink Ruby Gemstone. You will feel the Princesses’ strong Fairy Magick the moment you unwrap this Magnificent Ring! Do not be surprised if the Princesses are some of your first visitors!

This fantastic vessel lets all Magickal Creatures know you are friendly. Soon they will reveal themselves to you, brightening your day and keeping you company. You will be able to communicate with them clearly and easily. You will also be able to communicate telepathically with animals and White Lighted Spirits of all kinds. This Ring is an excellent choice for anyone wanting to open channels of communications to Angels, Fairies, Dragon and Unicorn Spirits, Khodams, Devatas... all of your magnificent Spirits! This strong Fairy Magick will bring you Joys and Blessings beyond compare! 

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