Legacy Spell Weaver's Ring, Mortar & Pestle Manifests Your Magickal Wishes!

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Here is my personal Spirit Weaver's Ring, Mortar and Pestle set that whose Powers have never failed me. Possess this Legacy Ring and you hold the power to imbue your Spells and Rituals with Powerful and Personalized Magick that Manifest Your Deepest Desires! Use the Mortar and Pestle to crush herbs for your Magickal Workings and they are infused with Powerful, Pure White Magick from The Dawn of Time! This set has been used for hundreds of years by the High Practitioners of my Circle and it holds the Energy and Magick of all who came before you! 
This is a One of A Kind Legacy Set and there will never be another like it! The hand-cast Spell Weaver Ring is Solid Sterling Silver and size 9. It is set with a Perfect White Energy Portal, an 8 mm Star Ruby Gemstone that nearly vibrates Pure White Magick. The stone Mortar Bowl measures 4" x 4", and is set with three Tiger Eye Gemstones that focus your Intentions and Desires. The Pestle is 5" long, and set with a Hematite Gemstone that Super Charges your Magick!
This Mortar Bowl is also an Excellent Tool for Cleansing your Magickals of any negative energies they may have picked up. It is an Excellent Tool for placing offerings to Spirits, for Spell and Ritual work and as a Burner! This Spell Weaver's Set was passed to me by my Mentor, Damen, as it was passed to him by his Mentor. The ring has rarely left my finger and the stone set has held a sacred place on my High Altar many years and has been spelled over thousands of times. The Pure White Magick Energy it holds is Amazing!It Boosts the Positive Energy throughout your home no matter where it is placed! Place wishes inside to help them manifest more quickly! Place crystals inside and its Metaphysical Powers are Magnified and Multiplied!
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