Legacy Rule Your Realm Crystal Commands Respect Success and Wealth

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Success is Yours! Get the Respect and the Rewards You Deserve! The Magick in this Legacy Crystal Pendant will leave No Doubt in their minds - You are Powerful, Confident, and Intelligent! Possess this Talisman and Your Gifts and Talents are Recognized by All! You will be listened to and looked up to! They will treat you with the Respect You are Due! Many seek it, but it is cloaked from all but you. Command Attention and Be Heard! Those who ignore or defy you do so at their peril! Many of the world's most famous and successful people have used White Magick to live their best lives! Why not YOU? Imagine having the power to manifest the life you've always known you were meant for, the life you DESERVE! 
This is a Rare and Powerful Amethyst Crystal set in heavy hand cast Solid Sterling Silver. 3" and hangs from a Blessed Sterling Chain. This Legacy Crystal stores Ancient Magick and Awesome Powers! It is a Magnificent, one-of-a-kind Treasure that bestows Magickal Advantages upon its Keeper! I will include a Blessed Velvet Charging Pouch and a Binding Ritual. 

This Ancient Magick Legacy has been used by Vikings, Warriors and Knights, Kings and Generals! It is Fully Charged and its Magick will Never Fade or Fail You! Now is the time. Now is YOUR TIME! It is time to Move to The Head of The Pack! Stake Your Claim! Buy Now and Rule Tomorrow!

 Use my Royal Wealth & Power Oil and Protection Incense to help Rule Your Realm!  

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