Legacy Master Caster Crystal Gemstone Magick Ritual and Spell Wand

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It is my honor to present Legacy Warlock Magick Wand, named the Master Caster! This Magickal tool has been passed down from Brother to Brother for longer than our written history. This exquisite Magick Wand draws, stores and radiates Pure Positive Energy! It harnesses the White Magick Energy that constantly swirls around us, and allows you to direct it wherever you wish! Just having this extraordinary Wand in your possession heightens you intuition and allows you to trust your instincts. Natural gifts Emerge and Expand! It taps into talents you didn't even know you had! Your intuition and Psychic Ability will soar! Your dreams will reveal Prophetic Visions. This Wand has also been fully charged with a Strong Healing Energy to speed and promote the Healing of Mind, Body and Soul! Use it to Sooth your Soul, Calm your Mind, and bring you into Perfect Harmony and Balance with the Universe. It will help you focus your thoughts and energy like laser beams! You will be able to manifest all you Desire and Deserve in this Life!
This wand measures 10 1/2". It is crafted from Brass, Solid Silver and an Amethyst Gemstone Crystal. It's absolutely stunning! You'll love using it and it will quickly become one of your favorite Magickal tools!

This is an excellent tool for the solo practitioner as it is used to heighten and sharpen your Natural Psychic Gifts and multiply the power of your own Spells and Rituals! It ensures the best outcome for all when using it to cast spells! It has held a place of honor on my Altar for many years and has absorbed much of my own Powerful Energy!



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