Infinity Cross of The Illuminati Unmatched Magickal Powers HIGH ENERGY

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Welcome Infinite Power into your life and step forward to levels you have only hoped of achieving with the famous Infinity Cross! If you have been seeking, here is the Real Deal! Use this rare tool for all Magickal Practices, there is virtually nothing it will not help its owner to achieve. It holds Magnetic Energy that draws people who respect and admire you, and who will do everything in their power to promote you and your ideas. It is also an Infinite Energy Magnifier and Conduit allowing you to influence people and manifest all you desire. It conjures powerful Spirits to help you and is useful as both a Spirit Portal and Spirit Catcher. This Exalted Magickal is unlike any other you will ever have the Satisfaction of holding. These Magick powers can only be yours by acquiring a Hidden Treasure of this magnitude. The Infinity Cross immediately cleanses and heals the Heart and Root Chakras, keeping them completely clear and protected from negative and all harmful energy. Feel this Treasure's powers warm your soul and wash away years of frustration pain and anguish. Begin to feel new again, your rebirth awaits. Take the Infinity Cross into you life today and change you destiny forever! Let enlightenment be yours, behold the essence of your wildest dreams!

The Infinity Cross has been passed down through Knights and members of the Illuminati. It may take you a few days to adjust to its energy, but soon it will course through you raising your personal energy and vibrations.  It is 1 3/"4 tall and is solid sterling silver, cast by a High Practitioner and Alchemist. It features two magnificent earth mined 10 x 14 mm Tiger Eye Gemstones. Each stone is a powerful Spirit Conjuring and Energy Portal that nearly vibrates with energy. It is of the Highest Quality! Look for my other very special Hidden Treasures listing this month, They are all exceptional, one of a kind, once in a lifetime possessions. 

Experience Sublime Energy like nothing you have ever felt or seen before! This is a truly one of a kind Treasure with Unmatched Magickal Powers! It will never be found or offered again. This will be your only chance to add this Unbelievable gift to your life and collection. Sought After by the hoards as the "Infinity Cross" and carried by Practitioners since the days of Merlin himself, it is unlike anything else you will ever possess. Its Psychic Guiding Energy will help you overcome any obstacle in your path. Only YOU will know its mysterious past and powerful Magickal Legacy! Magick of this caliber is unique, there is simply nothing else that compares to its special qualities!

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