Hex Breaker Enchanted Moonstone Ring, Protection From Black Magick

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This Enchanted Moonstone Ring provides Psychic Protection from black magick and the dark arts. If anyone is casting spells to harm you this ring will Render Them Powerless. Wearing this Moonstone Ring will also break any curse that has previously been placed on you. If you feel a specific location such as someone’s home has been cursed be sure to wear this ring while you’re there. This Protection Magick will break any hexes including those cast by voodoo workers. If there are malevolent spirits following you around or inhabiting your home this ring has the power to banish them. If you choose not to wear this ring on your finger it can also be worn around your neck or kept in your pocket for the same protection.

This Mystical 5 x 6 mm Moonstone is set in a sterling silver size 11 ring. It will arrive with a binding ritual on parchment paper. A velvet charging pouch will be included.

Do you suspect someone has placed a curse on you or a loved one? Black magick can take many forms and will eventually destroy your life if not dispelled. With this powerful ring you can break free from the negative energies holding you back. Many of us are unaware that a hex has been placed upon us until it’s too late. Evil spirits often hide, never taking a physical form. This Protection Ring works every time, even if you don’t know who has cast black magick into your life or can't see the spirits causing you distress.


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