Golden Guardian Angel of Prosperity and Protection, Spirit Pendant

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Here are a group of Powerful Golden Guardian Angel and Spiritual Guides! Each protects you from bad luck, evil, dark magick, and works to reverse debt quickly! They are quite charismatic, with a Powerful calm presence, and Wisdom beyond compare! They have strong mental telepathy powers and read people easily. They work tirelessly to Manifest All You Desire, with the Best Possible Outcome for all involved! They are favorites of pets, and protectors of you and your loved ones. They are Noble and Enlightened Spirits, who radiates Positive Energy throughout your home.

This offer is for One golden Tiger Eye Gemstone Angel Pendant. They measure 1 1/2" x 1".  I will include a velvet charging pouch and a Welcoming Ritual printed on parchment paper suitable for your Book of Shadows.

These and Benevolent Angel Spirits make Excellent Companions whether you are just beginning your Metaphysical Journey or have already stepped into the Light! They have a powerful presence and Manifest in ethereal and physical forms that are easily recognizable to their Mortal Companions! There is no need to summon or conjure your Angel for he is always by your side, your Guardian Angel and Guiding Spirit! His only desire is to see you fulfill your True Destiny!

Add a Blessed Chain!

Make Your Spirits Happy! I make offerings of  Angel Oil and White Energy Singing Crystals when working with Angels.


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