Blow Your Third Eye Wide Open


To Open Your Third Eye

You will need a piece of White Paper and a Purple Ink Pen

Begin by casting your circle. Sit quietly in the center of your circle and draw a Triangle with about three-inch sides, inside the Triangle draw a symbolic eye with 12 Rays at equal distance, extending away from the sides of the 

Focus your mind on the triangle you have drawn and say:

Grant Me Omnipotence over all Things
Bring Forward My Future and Past
The Future and Past I will unfold
The Future I will Control
The Past I Will Know


Divination Pendulum

Divination Pendulums are excellent for solo work, as well as in a group setting. On a blank sheet of paper, draw a circle 6" in diameter. Draw three straight lines through the circle so that it looks like a pie chart with six equal wedges. Focus on your question. While holding the Pendulum, write down each plausible possible choice and or outcome in its own wedge. If there are more than six end results you may make the circle larger and/or make smaller wedges. Write down your question on a clean sheet of paper. Place it written side up on the altar or table you will be using for divination. Place the paper with your choices on top of the paper with the question. Place a purple candle in the center of the circle. Light it and let it burn for 15 minutes to cleanse the area. After 15 minutes, remove the candle from the circle, and place it opposite you with the papers between. Focus on the candle’s flame for two-three minutes while you hold the pendulum and center your mind’s focus on your question. Hold the Divination Pendulum over the center of the circle and swing it in a clock-wise circle. Hold your hand still, and it will be drawn to the best choice or path to take. You may ask as many questions as you like in each session. When you are done let the candle burn for 15 additional minutes before blowing it out.

Anoint the candle and your third eye with Psychic or Breakthrough Oil. Place amethyst and crystal quartz near the candle.


Lucky Number Divination

Begin by choosing nine lucky numbers, between 1 - 99, and write them on 1” square pieces of white paper. Clear your mind and take time to settle down and focus on the nine numbers you have chosen. Choose three numbers out of the nine, in the greatest importance, write the number three on the back of the lowest number, seven on the back of the next highest number, and nine on the back of the third one. Lay the nine squares of paper, number side up, (smallest to largest) in a row in front of a white candle. Light the candle. Rub a drop or two of Prosperity Oil in you palm, and place your index finger in the oil and lightly anoint each number. As you do, tell Odin what is significant about each to you. Once you have anointed each one, place them all together on a small dish and burn them together. As they burn, ask Odin to bring them back to you with wealth and good luck. After they have burned down take some time to visualize (meditate lightly while thinking about) different numbers that would bring you good luck and what this luck would manifest as and what it would allow you to do or achieve in your life. After you are finished (take as long as you like), collect the ashes and release them to the wind or flowing water so you intentions are heard throughout the Universe.


Pentagram Psychic Binding Ritual

The spell is an invocation of a pentagram used to bind a possession’s energy to you and to allow you to use it to enhance you psychic talents and influence over others. You may choose to draw the pentagram with a black ink pen on a piece of paper, or in the air with your hand. You may also choose to use peace powder, sand, or wax, if this is your preference. Place the possession in the center of the pentagram facing you before you start, or if you are spelling for your psychic enrichment, write your full name in the center of the pentagram.

Begin at the Spirit Point (top) and draw down (retrace with your right hand or index finger) right to Fire. Say: Fire banish my fear and purify my visions. Next go to the upper left point, Air, and say: Air move up and away to cleanse my mind. Next move directly across to Water, and Say: Water to make my visions flow freely and easily. Then move down and to the left, to Earth, and say: Earth to make my energy strong, to make my intentions real. Finally, move back to the top, Spirit, and Say: Spirit to open my mind and soul to all you have to offer.

When you are finished, thank the Great Spirit for all you have gained and all you have received in your life. Burn the piece of paper carefully if this was your choice and release its ashes to the free flowing water or wind so that your intentions will be heard throughout the universe.

Burn a purple candle anointed with Psychic or Breakthrough oil. Anoint your third eye with Psychic or Breakthrough Oil.


A bit about Scyring

A scryer is one who divines, sees or predicts the future by means of a scrying tool, like a a crystal ball. Some scryers seem to be naturally gifted, while others develop over time with practice. The most common obstacle is a lack of mental focus and being distracted easily. I find that mental clarity is absolutely essential before beginning. You don’t want all the stress and pressure of the day's events weighing on your mind. It is best to do what you need to do to clear your head and find a state of calmness and peace of mind (mental security) before starting. This may involve any of the following: resting, napping, bathing, meditation, practicing visualizations, pleasure activities like exercising, reading, listening to music etc. Whatever settles or calms you. Once you are in a state of mind that is conducive, begin by focusing your mind on the things which you wish to have revealed to you, be it the future or an entity like a fairy or human spirit, etc. One thing at a time will help...mental singularity is the key...one thing, one state of mind, one focus. Now focus on the Scrying tool and continue to do so until you see it within your mind. Focus your intent to see a future or past event you wish to explore, or look forward to see one of many possible futures you may manifest for yourself once you return to the physical plane.

When working with Crystal Balls, or other scrying tools, you must be focused and clear minded. It will work best shortly after Sunset or Sunrise each day as this is when the transition between light and dark occurs.

My personal preference to receive visions, is to form a triangle with three white candles, and three opium incense cones, forming the points of a triangle, around the scrying tool.

Light the candle and incense of the triangle's right corner. Say:
"From the Dark comes the Light"
Light the candle and incense of the triangle's left corner. Say:
"From the Light comes the Dark"
Light the candle and incense at the triangle's top point. Say:
"By the Light into the Dark I will see, visions from this Ball (or other tool) come to me."

You have now unlocked the Psychic Portal. Visualize your questions and intent through your mind's eye and then focusing deeply into the ball, your answers will be revealed.

An excellent ceremony to be done before working with crystal balls, divination pendulums and tarot cards. Burn a purple candle anointed with Psychic or Breakthrough oil. Anoint your third eye with Psychic or Breakthrough Oil. Place amethyst near the candle.


Scrying with Crystal Ball

Once you have established concentration and focus, place the ball in your hands and begin to focus your mind and your thought to its center, continue as you warm the ball to your touch. As the ball warms (may take a few minutes) place it back on its stand and continue to maintain physical contact with it using all ten of your fingertips. Now invoke the ball’s powers by chanting:

Crystal Ball, Reveal Your Powers to Me
Crystal Ball, Reveal All to Me
Crystal Ball, Manifest Visions for Me

At this point, continue to chant the verse as you again focus to the center of the ball and gently move your fingers in slow circular motions at the sides of the ball so that you don’t lose focus on the center. As you move your fingers begin to allow the focus you have established to drift away from the center and allow your mind's eye to connect with the ball and see it in your mind. At this point you may stop the chanting, you may now see yourself move inside the ball to explore what it holds, or you may move through it into different dimensions or planes. This can take some practice to allow this connection to become easy. This is where it breaks down as many of us have a very hard time keeping that degree of focus. Some experiment with mind altering substances to enhance their visualizations, but I find that creates more distraction than benefit, and don’t recommend unless you are tolerant of these experiences. There are several different techniques to

achieve results and some are more specific and pointed at certain results. Lots of research and how to is available, this is what works for me. I also find it helps to do this in low light with three to five small candles lit placed behind the ball. This creates a better contrast within the ball and helps me to focus to the center. Give all this a try or two. As well, some like to keep a journal as they go, as a guide to experiences and as a helpful tool to expand on what helps them to achieve results. The best scryers are those who adapt the skill to allow their abilities and preferences to establish a process or road map to follow that makes them comfortable and helps to foster the results they wish to attain.