Money is Power! Get all you deserve and live the life you've always known you were meant for!

 Money Magick is best if performed when the Moon is Waxing. Place images and talismans that represent what you will do with your wealth on your altar. Anoint candles, your third eye, your wallet/purse, and the talismans you’ve placed on your altar with Money Drawing, Fast Luck, or Prosperity oil. Burn Wealth Incense.


Master Wealth Spell 

You will need one gold or green candle, a clear quartz crystal, a plain sheet of white paper, and a black ink pen. Place the candle at the northern end of your altar or circle. On the paper, write: I embrace all opportunities for expanding my financial well being, my good luck, and prosperity. Protect me from ill will, negative energy, and negative people. Place the piece of paper in front of the candle and put the quartz crystal on top of it. The crystal acts a magnifier of your thoughts. Light the candle, and visualize new opportunities flowing into your life. Read aloud what you wrote on the paper. Then burn the paper with the flame from the candle. Release the ashes to the blowing wind or flowing water so that your wishes and intentions are heard by the universe. Give thanks for all that you have in your life already. Let the candle burn all the way down before disposing of it. 


Invocation of the Pentagram for Wealth

 Using a white piece of paper, and a black ink pen draw a Pentagram. Begin at the Spirit Point (top) and with your index finger trace down and to the right to the Fire Point while saying: Fire banish my fear and purify my visions. Next go to the upper left point, Air, and say: Air purify the energy that surrounds me and carry all negativity away. Next move directly across to Water, and Say: Water let wealth flow toward me and around me. Then move down and to the left, to Earth, and Say: Earth rise up and provide me with all I need. Last, move back to the top, Spirit, and Say: Spirit watch over and guide me to Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity. Give thanks to the Great Spirit.


Tarot Cards Wealth Spell

 What you need:

1 Green candle and 1 White candle

Tarot cards

An object that represents your desires, a lottery ticket or the money you will risk

A pen with green ink

A white piece of paper

A pot


Create an altar space & place the candles at opposite ends.

Place the object that represents your desires in the middle and a talisman (coin, crystal, jewelry, etc.) you are spelling over next to it.

Remove the suit of Pentacles (coins), the Star, and the 9 of Cups.

Place the Ace of Coins, which represents financial undertakings & opportunities, in front of the white candle.

Place the 10 of Coins, which symbolizes financial windfall, in front of the green candle.

Place the 9 of Cups (the Wish card) and the Star (Success) in the middle of the altar.

Remove the 2 of Pentacles (symbolizing robbing Peter to pay Paul) and the 5 of Pentacles (heavy debt) and place the remaining Pentacle cards you have removed from your deck near the green candle.

 Light the candles and say:

The money I risk.

And the money I spend.

Come back to me, by ten.

 Visualize the amount you have in mind. Write it down on the piece of paper. Imagine what you will do with an increase in your income. Visualization will help it to manifest. When you are ready, end the spell by carefully burning the piece of paper over the pot, making sure that some the fire comes from each candle. Blow out the candles, and release the ashes to blowing wind, or flowing water, so the Universe hears your intent. Give thanks for all that you already have.


Master Millionaires' Secret Spell

 Make a large Pentagram on the floor using Peace Powder or string that has been rubbed with Peace Powder. Set a green candle that has never been burned at the each point of the Pentagram, and place another in the center. Light the center candle and let it burn for at least 15 minutes to cleanse and purify the space before you begin. Blow out the candle and remove it from the center of the Pentagram. Perform the spell after the sun has set and day has turned to night. Begin by stepping into the Pentagram, facing the Spirit Point (top). Turn to the Water Point (top right). Light the candle and Say: Water, to make my life flow freely giving me the strength to Persevere and attain my goal.  Next face the Fire Point (bottom right). Light the candle and Say: Fire, banish my fear and light our Path to success. Next go to the Earth point (bottom left). Light the candle and Say: Earth, to make me come down to the ground and define my Priorities wisely. Go to the Air Point (top left). Light the candle and Say: Air, move up and away to free my desires and define my Passion. Finally, move back to the top, Spirit, light the candle and Say: Spirit my essence, give me the self-confidence to promote my Passion to all. Last, thank Odin, The All Father, for this spell and its guidance before blowing the candles out, it is the basis and secret formula for financial freedom and personal satisfaction. When someone defines a viable Passion, follows the Path of others that have attained the goal they desire, understands Priorities must be set and followed strictly, Persevere through sacrifices to maintain the Priorities, and then Promotes his or her Passion religiously that the goal becomes reality. Taking these steps insures that the goal is achievable and removes all road blocks that delay its attainment!