Love Spells


Find Your Soul Mate

Burn a pink or red candle. For five minutes, visualize what your true soul mate would look like, smell like, feel like, sound like, how they would care for you, what they would do for you, what would attract you to them, how they would make love to you, imagine dreams you would share. After you are done visualizing list five important aspects of this person and relationship that are very important to you on a clean plain white piece of paper. Use red ink! At the bottom of the list draw the sign for Venus. Fold the paper in three directions each time folding it in half. Carry this paper with you in a pocket, wallet or purse. I recommend doing this spell each week as your expectations on the paper may need updating as you draw this soul closer to you, this will help to guide you past those that seem to fit the bill but will not be true to you down the road.

I recommend anointing the candle, your heart, and the paper with Love Drawing or Angel Anointing Oils, and burn Love & Passion Incense. 


Master Meditation of Love Spell 

First assume a meditative pose and place your arms across your chest in a self-hugging gesture, in a comfortable way not tightly held. Then begin your first meditation (each should last at least 15 minutes) you may choose to light three different types of incense starting and between each meditation to help you focus on the three specific stages of this meditation. As you drift, focus on the many different things you love about yourself and your life, we must allow Self Love to love others, this is meant to be an affirmation of self not an indulgence of ego. As you drift back, re-center and begin again, next focus on Intimate Love, if you have a partner focus on the purity of the love you share, allow any guilt you feel about this love to fall away, thus you will be able to give more without expectation. This is the purest expression of intimate love, if you have no partner allow the focus to center on what you would seek in this partner, this will help direct you toward intimacy in your life. As you drift back re-center and begin the final meditation, this last time focus on Brotherly Love, concentrate on your Kindred and the many bonds you share with the many people that help you and live with you, as you do focus on the warmth these bonds make you feel, this is the symbolic representation of White Energy or Love Light. Once you drift back, you have finished, take time to express your love to Odin, be thankful for the White Light he has bestowed upon you as you begin your new journey into the light.

I recommend anointing your heart with Love Drawing, Angel, &/or Peaceful Home Anointing Oils.


Find New Love Spell 

Form a triangle with pink candles.

Speak the following:

Mother, Grandfather, and Ancestors past:

Find my true love and make it last.

See our love that is pure and true.

Ignite the flame to burn anew.

Together forever holding hands we shall be,

To walk together through all eternity.

My love for him/her ever more will grow

Greater than the greatest lovers could know.

Neither temptation nor evil shall cross our hearts,

For of the whole, we are but parts.

This wish I ask of ancestors fond,

Find my new love, before this day has gone. 

Blow out the candles and give thanks to your Guiding Spirits and the Universe for hearing your call. 

This spell has been used many times. It has helped many in the past to find a new love. Use it regularly and reflect afterward on your intentions and on a practical level, what you can do to make it happen for you. Sitting at home waiting will not work you must use the spell to motivate you.  

 I recommend anointing your heart and candles with Love Drawing Anointing Oil. Burn Love & Passion Incense. 


Paranormal Romance

 Form a triangle with one pink candle at the top and red candles at the bottom.

Light the candles and say the following:

 Magical Beings and Spirits of Light

I welcome you during the day and in the dark of Night

Ignite my Passion!

Make me Tremble!

Come and Go as I Desire

Give me Devotion as I Require 

Blow the candles out with a single breath. Perform this ritual three nights in a row. 

Perform this spell over the arc of the Full Moon. Anoint your heart and candle with Love Drawing oil. Burn Spirit Conjuring Incense.