Best Life Work


Grounding and Blessings Ceremony

Cast your Circle and place four white candles at each Corner. Light a single white candle in the center and let it burn for fifteen minutes to cleanse and purify the space. After the fifteen minutes, stand in the center of your Circle, blow out the candle and as the smoke spreads. Say:

By creature of fire, I have purified this space. May my hopes and aspirations rise within this veil of smoke and become one with the Creator. I call on all spirits of light to fill my being renew and align my Life Force with the White Light’s strength and be with me this night that I may be empowered by your gifts of life. Set the candle down.

Still standing in the center of your Circle, Light the North Candle. Say:
In tune my magic with nature. Let me judge not the path or people before me but trust in the Universe to light the way. Let me be reminded of this daily. Let my eyes be open to the true meaning of life. As we come from the Earth we will return to the Earth, let me not forget your true treasures. So mote it be.

Light the East Candle. Say:
Fill my soul with knowledge. Let my powers grow and my intuition be endless. I claim my birth right as your child, empower me and allow me all that is wise. I claim the magic to work this spell tonight. So mote it be.

Light the South Candle. Say:
Align my spirit with abundance. Let my desires be powered with endless energy and grow into full manifestation. Let my work be prosperous and the law of three protect me and mirror against all that do wrong against me. So mote it be.

Light the West Candle. Say:
Protect and keep me and mine safe and let our love for each other be abundant. Let my path be in joy surrounded by family and friends. Let our love last through the life times ahead. Bless us always. So mote it be.

Feel the Circle’s Protection and the Energies of the Four Corners rushing through you, filling every part of your being. Say:

I take the power given and honor it. I reach for strength from the blood that is life itself to keep my body a temple in health and light. Let all disease leave me. Let my chakras shine bright with balance and health. This is my bidding and these are my words. May this spell not reverse, or place upon me any curse. So mote it be.

Blow all candles out, in reverse order of lighting them.

 This can be done at any time, and is especially effective during the New Moon. I burn Jasmine or Lavender incense and make sure to have a crystal, and a willow branch, or house plant in my circle. I anoint my candles with Cleansing, Healing, and Angel Anointing Oils.


Grounding Ritual

Begin by choosing three unused white candles. Place them in a triangle.
Light the candle at the top of the triangle and say:

“Life comes from the Earth. Its energies ground me. My mind and body may wander, but I am always connected to Mother Earth who provides for and protects us all.”

Light the candle at the lower left corner of the triangle, and say:

“Open my mind and spirit to New Realities. Let me experience a clear and true focus upon the tasks I undertake. “

Light the third triangle, and say:
“Open my soul to the Light! Surround me with Peace, Tranquility and the Joyous Abundance of the Universe. Allow myself to receive all the blessings and gifts that await me with grace. Allow me to pass these gifts to others to better the World.

When you are finished blow out the candles and give thanks to Odin or your personal God.

Excellent for recharging your batteries, and calming your spirit. Best when performed the Friday of a Full Moon. I anoint my candles with Magnet Anointing Oil and burn Sage before and after.


Prayer for Positive Energy

In the name of the Gods and all ye Spirits
I welcome white light and pure universal energy
Dispel and clear all negative energies
Reverse my learned fears and negative thoughts
Help me to cease my self-harming habits
Replace my self-judgment with self-love
Let me see others in a positive and loving light
Open my Heart Mind and Soul to the Loving Energies of the Light 

Can be done anytime. I say it each morning at my Altar after lighting a pink candle anointed with Holy Altar Anointing Oil.