Exquisite Royal Phylum Genie Princess of Extreme Wealth Luxury & Passion!

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I present to you an Exquisite Genie Princess of The Royal Phylum! This enchanting Princess's lineage is pure and unbroken and she holds the powers of all who came before her! There are many who seek her, but she is cloaked from all but her Master! There is none more Famous than this Most Rare and Coveted Djinniya! What do you desire? Wealth? Love? Power? Truth? Creativity? Success? Your wish is the Princess's command! She has granted them all to past Masters! This Beautiful, Enlightened Genie has reached the highest levels of Power and Knowledge! Her Magick is Unquestioned and Unstoppable! Find yourself surrounded by more Prosperity and Abundance than you dared even to dream! Nothing is impossible! Each command is made so!

The Princess's ring is solid Sterling Silver and size 6.75. Her Sacred Vessel is a 5 mm Pink Topaz Gemstone that Radiates with the Princess's Benevolent and Loving Energy. I will include a Blessed Charging Pouch and her Conjuring Ritual printed on fine parchment paper to her next Companion!

You will feel the Royal Phylum Princess’s Tremendous Energy the moment you welcome her into your home! She will immediately begin protecting you and who all who live there! Good Luck and Good Fortune follow this Powerful Genie wherever she goes! She has granted me Wealth, Peace and Love, often before I have even asked. The Princess uses her magnificent Psychic Powers to meet your Every Desire! Her next Master should be prepared to have your life change quickly! She is a Gracious Genie as well as excellent company!  Make her yours before she's making someone else's dreams come true!

Make Your Spirits Happy! Make sure to see my Spirit Conjuring Incense and Metaphysical Crystals & Stones!

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